Health Physics Monitoring in the Nuclear Industry – Level 2 (9 days)

Radwise have tailored their course to the latest Industry Radiological Protection Co-ordination Group (IRPCG) proposed syllabus and consists of the following modules:

  • Basis of Radiological Protection
  • Basic Atomic Physics
  • Quantities and Units
  • Radiological Legislation
  • Biological Effects
  • Risk and Dose Restriction
  • Radiological Risk Assessment
  • Personal & Respiratory Protection
  • Designation of Areas
  • Dose Assessments and Recording
  • Detection and Measurement
  • Radiation and Contamination Monitoring
  • Radiation and Contamination Control
  • Airborne Contamination Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Personnel and Equipment
  • Response to Abnormal Conditions
  • Record Keeping of Monitoring Results
  • Radioactive Source Management
  • Clearance and Radiological Sentencing

On the final day of the course, the participants will then undertake the nationally industry recognised PAA\VQ-SET examination for the Certificate in Health Physics Monitoring in the Nuclear Industry (Theory) Level 2.

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