Radwise Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Radiation Protection Personnel Service Provider catering to clients across both nuclear and non-nuclear sectors.

We have grown steadily year on year, gaining a reputation for providing an excellent professional service to major clients in the nuclear industry and decommissioning sectors.

Our company vision is to achieve excellence in service delivery and we strive to achieve this by focusing on our customers’ requirements and matching these with our suitably qualified, experienced and motivated workforce. Radwise believe that our personnel are our Company and together we are proud to maintain high standards of radiological protection

All of our personnel work within the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999/ICRP recommendations and/or the Environment Permitting Regulations/Radioactive Substances Act 93 as well as many other Statutory Instruments that apply across the nuclear and non-nuclear sectors. Due to the nature and scope of the work that we undertake, safety and regulatory compliance are recognised and accepted by our team to be critical to the success of both our and our clients businesses.

Our flexible and innovative attitude to concerns such as availability of adequate radiological protection resource has seen Radwise heavily invest in the training of suitable personnel to meet industry needs. Working alongside our clients, we have developed an award winning comprehensive training initiative that has gained recognition and praise throughout the industry. Our on-going commitment to training and skill enhancement of our personnel ensures that there will be sufficient resources available to meet client’s current and future requirements.