Health Safety Policy

Radwise Limited recognises our duties under relevant Health and Safety legislation and supporting regulations and considers compliance to these requirements to be a fundamental part of making our business successful. The Management Team is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of personnel engaged in activities on behalf of the Company and others who may be affected by our operations. All personnel will have their health and safety responsibilities clearly identified prior to engagement in activities.

Radwise Limited will strive to conduct our activities in a manner to ensure:

  • Personnel and other people, who may be affected by our activities, remain unharmed.
  • Personnel remain fit and healty, both physically and mentally.
  • Prevention of  damage to plant and equipment.
  • Continual improvement in health and safety performance.
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations.

Radwise Limited is responsible for and committed to:

  • Providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.
  • Providing a working environment that is not detrimental to the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees.
  • Providing safe systems of work for its employees.
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing health and safety risks.
  • Consulting and involving employees and their representatives on all matters concerning health and safety.
  • Ensuring that personnel are suitably trained and qualified for the work to be undertaken.
  • Monitoring, measuring and communicating health and safety performance.
  • Setting and reviewing OH&S objectives to improve the health and safety performance.
  • Keeping personnel briefed and updated on present and future safety requirements.
  • Fulfilling our legal requirements and other requirements.
  • Continually improving our health and safety management system.
  • Providing appropriate personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • Providing suitable welfare facilities for all personnel.
  • Reviewing this policy on an annual basis or more frequently, if required.

Radwise Limited is committed to promoting a safe and healthy culture amongst its workforce. All personnel engaged on activities on behalf of Radwise Limited must:

  • Attend work in a fit state, both physically and mentally.
  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  • Carry out activities in accordance with company procedures.
  • Adopt a responsible and conscientious attitude to all work undertaken.
  • Report all events and near misses.
  • Not interfere with deliberately or misuse anything provided, in accordance with health and safety legislation, to further health and safety at work.
  • Co-operate with management on all measures to improve health and safety.

The policy is fully supported by the Management Team who will ensure that resources are available to implement this policy. All personnel engaged on activities on behalf of Radwise Limited must comply with the requirements of this policy to maintain their health, safety and wellbeing.

Environmental Policy

Radwise Limited are committed to minimising the adverse impacts of the environmental aspects of our operations.

Our goal is to continually improve our environmental management system and our environmental performance. To do this we will strive to:

  • Identify and comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Assess the impact our operations have on the environment.
  • Minimise the use of substances which are harmful to the environment.
  • Where substances that are harmful to the environment have to be used, control measures shall be put in place for the use, storage, transit and disposal of such substances to minimise the impact to the environment.
  • Provide suitable information, training and instruction to all personnel engaged in activities on behalf of the Company.
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst our employees and sub-contractors.
  • Monitor and review our environmental performance.
  • Implement improvement measures where identified.
  • Comply with the environmental systems requirements in place at our clients’ sites.
  • Make this policy available to members of the public, and other interested parties via our website and other means as necessary.

The following guidelines shall be adopted by all personnel engaged in activities on behalf of the Company, to assist in reducing the environmental impact of our operations:

  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • Reduce wastes arising’s and disposals where practicable.
  • Re-use resources where practicable.
  • Recycle waste materials where practicable.
  • Dispose of waste in the approved manner.
  • Comply with procedures governing the use, storage, transit and disposal of all substances.
  • Contain and report all spillages and leaks immediately, where safe and practical.

This policy has the full support of the Management Team who will provide the resources needed to achieve the above objectives. All personnel engaged on activities on behalf of Radwise Limited must comply with requirements of this policy to ensure continual improvement in environmental performance.

Radwise Environmental Report 2015

Radwise Environmental Report 2016

Quality Policy

Radwise Limited are committed to providing services that meet or exceed our customers’ quality expectations by conducting our business activities in a manner which ensures:

  • Provision of quality services in accordance with recognised standards.
  • Continual improvement in business performance.
  • Customer expectations are met in a timely manner.

The Management Team will provide a framework and resources to ensure a quality service is achieved by:

  • Implementing an integrated management system to govern all our activities.
  • Undertaking appropriate business planning.
  • Setting targets and objectives for improvement.
  • Provision of effective processes and procedures.
  • Provision of a monitoring and review programme of our activities and processes.
  • Establishing two way consultation and communication with personnel and customers.
  • Adopting an open policy towards continual improvement.

The following guidelines will be adopted by all personnel engaged in activities on behalf of the Company, to assist in maintaining the provision of quality services:

  • Compliance with company procedures.
  • Compliance with client policies and procedures where applicable.
  • Full co-operation with management on measures designed to improve the quality of service provided to our customers.
  • All personnel shall adopt a responsible, conscientious and customer focussed attitude to all activities undertaken.

This policy has the support of the Management Team. All personnel engaged on activities on behalf of Radwise Limited must comply with the requirements of this policy to ensure continual improvement in company performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This policy statement provides the overarching framework in which Radwise Limited take account of our economic, social, and environmental impact.  Radwise recognise our responsibilities towards our clients, employees, suppliers, the communities that we operate in, and the environment.


Radwise will operate in a responsible, honest, open and fair manner with our Clients by:

  • Being transparent about our products and services
  • Providing clear, honest, and truthful information in all our marketing and advertising
  • Acknowledging problems and dealing with them in a timely manner
  • Engaging with our clients and taking on board their recommendation to enable our businesses to continually improve
  • Monitoring and reviewing our performance and being proactive in our improvements to our products and services.


Radwise recognise that our employees are our primary asset and will provide fair treatment to all by:

  • Implementing the measures contained within our HR Policy
  • Implementing the measures contained within our Health and Safety Policy
  • Abiding by the employment laws of the European Union and the United Kingdom
  • Not engaging in slavery or human trafficking
  • Not engaging in the use of child or forced labour


Radwise recognises the importance of our supply chain and will source responsibly by:

  • Vetting our supply chain to gain a recognised approved supplier list to meet our business needs
  • Not utilising suppliers who engage in or have been prosecuted for acts of slavery and human trafficking
  • Not utilising suppliers who engage in or have been prosecuted for the use of child or forced labour
  • Engaging suppliers who share our Group’s values on social, economic and environmental responsibility
  • Engaging with local suppliers where feasible
  • Conducting our business in a manner which is not detrimental to our suppliers.


Radwise recognises the importance of supporting the local community and will do so by:

  • Utilising local labour where possible
  • Supporting charities in the communities in which we operate
  • Utilising local suppliers where feasible


Radwise recognises that it is critical to preserve the environment and will do so by:

  • Implementing the measures contained within our environmental policy
  • Reviewing and monitoring our environmental aspects and impacts
  • Implementing our environmental management programme to reduce the Group’s environmental impact
  • Minimising the Group’s Carbon Footprint
  • Providing information, instruction and training on environmental protection to the Group’s workforce.

Anti Bribery and Corruption

Radwise recognises that working with integrity is a vital part of operating a successful business and will do so by:

  • Implementing the measures contained within our anti bribery and corruption policy
  • Abiding by the anti bribery and corruption laws of the European Union and the United Kingdom

The Company is fully committed to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 1998. They set out principles which should be followed and also give rights to those whose data is being processed.

To this end, the Company fully endorses and adheres to the eight principles of data protection as follows:

  • data must be processed fairly and lawfully
  • data must only be obtained for specified and lawful purposes
  • data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • data must be accurate and up to date
  • data must not be kept for longer than necessary
  • data must be processed in accordance with the “data subject’s” (the individual’s) rights
  • data must be securely kept
  • data must not be transferred to any other country without adequate protection in place


We will ensure our personnel are suitably trained to enable us to comply with these eight principles which we will apply to all data that obtain, hold or process. We will apply these principles in a particular manner for the following two groups of individuals.

1         Individuals providing information via our website.

We will make this policy available on our website and will also make available our Privacy Notice which will include, but not be limited to, the following topics.

  • When do we collect your personal data?
  • What sort of personal data do we collect?
  • How and why do we use your personal data?
  • Direct Marketing
  • How we protect your personal data
  • How long will we keep your personal data?
  • Who do we share your personal data with?
  • Our use of Cookies
  • Your rights over your personal data
  • How to contact us

We are fully committed to working in accordance with our Privacy Notice UNCLASSIFIED


2       Direct Employees and individuals engaged via service providers

We will obtain, store, process and share personal information about individuals in the course of their employment, from recruitment through to termination of employment and, for particular information, beyond that employment. With regard to such individuals, we have the following commitment.

  • We will request only that information for which we have a legitimate need and we will identify the legal basis for processing that information
  • We will store that information in a secure manner which prevents unauthorised access, loss or corruption of the data.
  • We will share that information only when it is necessary for us to comply with legislative requirements, to meet the terms of our contract with the individual or to allow the individual to access and work on our client sites.
  • We will never use the information for direct marketing purposes.
  • We will retain the information only for as long as we have a legitimate need to do so.
  • We will advise the individual why we are collecting the information, how we intend to process the information and who we need to share the information with.
  • We will advise the individual of their legal rights regarding the information we hold.


Radwise expect all employees who have access to personal information to be aware of, and work in accordance with, the principles and commitments contained within this policy, predominantly by working in accordance with the procedures and work instructions which are in place to achieve implementation.

We also expect those employees to avoid disclosing any personal information either orally or in writing or by any other means, manual or electronic, intentionally or otherwise, to any unauthorised third party inside or outside the workplace.

This policy has the full support of the Management Team.